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How to sell my Vinyl Records

Here at Out on the Floor Records, we offer the best prices in cash when you want to sell your record collection.

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your vinyl records. Perhaps you inherited a collection from a parent or loved one, or maybe you stumbled on a dusty box of singles in your attic. Maybe you used to be a DJ. When selling vinyl records, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Is your copy of Dark Side of the Moon worth £1,000 or £10? Is this copy of Abbey Road worth crossing the road for? And do I really have to sell my Northern Soul to the devil for a few quid?

Well, fear no more! Our staff will make your experience selling records easy and enjoyable. We value your music based on its condition (a few scuffs vs. deep scratches makes a big difference), its age and of course it’s rarity. And yes, unfortunately there are some records that just aren’t interesting to us. Cliff Richard, we’re looking at you (9 times out of 10!) ! For more on the kind of music we’re looking for at the shop, click here.

So if you only have a small amount of records to sell, you can call us or just pop into our shop in Camden Town. If you have a larger collection then we’d likely prefer to visit you in person, particularly if you are in the London area, although we will certainly travel further afield if you have something to make us salivate!

We are acutely aware that some record collections will come with a great deal of sentimental value to the seller. When selling records, you can rest assured that you are dealing with people who understand how emotive the act of letting go can be. We will always treat you with the respect you deserve and give you as much time as you need to decide if you want to sell your vinyl to us. But trust us, it will go to a loving home 🙂

We buy record collections

When looking to buy vinyl records, record dealers will often break-down conditions into the following classifications:

MINT: This means exactly what it says. The vinyl is unplayed and the cover is untouched. Looks brand-spanking new.

NEAR MINT: The vinyl might have been played once or twice but generally in superb condition. The sleeve is great, too.

VERY GOOD +: Things start getting a bit more complicated here. The vinyl is still sounding great, maybe the occasional pop or crackle and a few scratches that do not impact the sound quality. The sleeve might have a crease on it somewhere but no rips or tears.

VERY GOOD: The record plays well with some surface noise. John Peel famously said “life has surface noise”, so don’t worry, when you sell your records in this condition they can still be valuable. The vinyl may have quite a few scratches not affecting play and the sleeve might have a few creases and wrinkles, maybe a small tear somewhere.

GOOD: Well, good is not good really! The record has lots of scratches and has been well-loved. Maybe there is a scratch or mark on the record causing a skip or jump, but generally the record plays through. This will affect the value when you sell your record collection if they are all in this condition. However, rare is rare and some people will still buy them if they are very hard to find.

POOR / FAIR: The bottom of the barrel! The record is scratched up and might not play all the way through, or maybe has taken some damage from heat, causing the vinyl to warp. The sleeve is ripped and torn or maybe not there at all! These are mostly useful only as art pieces, or if exceptionally rare may serve as a collector’s item to the right buyer.

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